High-Converting Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that great results derive from a well-made plan. Years of experience with different companies has left us with knowledge about most effective digital media strategies, that we are now happy to share and apply for your company.

As a preparatory step, we will create a full audit of your current setup. Then we’ll define your company’s: unique value proposition, target audience, traffic sources and goals. Only after having carefully examined all that, we will come up with a new and improved 30-90 day plan.

It’s important to target the right people, so that we could provide them with personalized content they actually care about (therefore also reducing the spam rate). 80% of marketers agree that audience-tailored content is more effective than providing a little something for everyone.

For all those who care about their time and money – it’s important to identify your traffic sources. Too many hours have been spent on posting to wrong sites, which is something that would never happen in our house.

Last, but not least, we will determine your goals – so that we’d know exactly the heights to reach for!

Creating and executing a working 30-90 day plan requires constant work and mindful planning. Let our experienced marketing team do the work for you and allow your company to experience the profit boost!

– Your current marketing strategy audit
– Defining your unique value proposition
– Identifying your target audience and finding the best traffic sources for you
– Creating a new direct marketing strategy with a funnel, traffic and messaging plan
– Training your team to implement the strategy or doing it on our behalf

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