Full Sales Funnel Development & Management

Why every business needs to use sales funnels

In the next 5 minutes I’ll share the 3 fundamental pillars of digital marketing and why failing in any one of these is stopping your business to successfully scale online.

The problem:
Trying to do all the different strategies separately

You have probably tried some or all of these strategies previously:

-> Facebook ads for your website
-> Influencer marketing with coupon codes
-> Short-time promotions on your social media platforms

All of these efforts have given you little to no results.


Successful digital marketing requires using a 3-step system

The “secret” is using the right strategies in the right order.

As Aristotele once said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
That is also true in the digital marketing space. 

Each of these 3 elements can have some effect on their own, but to be able to scale profitably – you need to align all the elements in the perfect order.

So what is this ”secret” 3-step system?

Once you finish reading this, you’ll be amazed because the answer has been under your nose the whole time.

A leader of leaders and a multi-millionaire business owner Jim Dornan has said: ”It’s simple, not obvious.”

Step 1: Traffic

You need to get eyeballs on your website or your offer.

Step 2: Leads

In order to build relationship and trust with your potential clients, you need more than one visit to your website. Did you know that an average person needs at least 7 touchpoints with your business before they make a buying decision? This is why you need to capture leads.

Step 3: Sales

Once you have captured your audience’s attention, acquired their contact info, taken the time to build a trustful relationship – then you can confidently present them a sales offer. 

Some key points that will make or brake your offer:

-> You need to have a message that speaks to your target audience.
-> You need to have a clear offer.
-> You need to have a clear and simple way that people can buy from you.





Simple, right?

Applying the 3-step strategy means the difference between owning a struggling business where you are re-inventing the wheel every single month OR running a thriving business with healthy margings while having a consistent flow of leads and sales.

Where do we come in?

Now you could take this piece of valuable information and try to piece the puzzle together on your own spending countless of hours going down the trial and error route
You can save yourself the time and effort and lock hands with a team of experts who have invested years of their own time to master the art and science of digital marketing. 

We have used our tested and perfected digital marketing model to help build multiple 6 & 7 figure companies.

I’m in, so … where do we start?


Step 1: Full audit of your current setup & creating a new 30-90 day plan

After going through our onboarding system, we will go through your current setup. We’ll dive into every little detail – your offers, you paid ads and previous email marketing performance.

From the audit, we’ll draw up a new improved, higher-than-ever converting plan.

Within the first phase you’ll see us set up the most important fundamentals so that every piece built on that would have a massive positive impact. 

Our team will set the framework for successful Facebook ads, email marketing and funnels.


Step 2: Applying Sharplife’s strategies to your Paid ads with ROI focus

Once we start working with you, we’ll take over your Paid ads. We will strategize, create, run and optimize new ad campaigns with the sole intention to bring you the best possible return on ad spend. 

We will also give clear input on the creatives needed from the client side. If you already have active Paid Ads accounts, we are able to increase your return on ad spend within the first 30 days.


Step 3: Building & launching your new sales funnel

Usually within 4-6 weeks, your new funnel will be ready for launch.

That means having a…

– Lead generating
– Value building
– High converting
– Sales spitting

…sales funnel.

Which consists of: landing page, value/content pages, sales page, automated email followup sequence, paid ad campaigns.

After launch you can expect to see new leads and sales to start rolling in.


Step 4: Optimization & scaling

Once your funnel is launched, that’s where the power of Sharplife’s system really kicks in! 

We will once again dive deep into the data we’re receiving from the newly launched funnel and continue optimizing the whole system to generate the best possible conversions … and keep improving on that.

Now you have 2 options

Option 1 - Keep doing what you’re doing

If you reached this far and you still can’t see how we can help you to take your business to the next level, then just take this as a fun read and continue operating as you have done so far and keep having the results you have gotten so far. 

If that’s where you stand today – that’s okay. This is the part where you can step off. 


Option 2 - Book a free strategy call

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