Email Marketing & Automation

There are multiple ways to create income through digital media. Undoubtedly — email is the most profitable of them. Studies have shown that customers spend 138% more as a result of applying effective email marketing tactics.

People who have trusted you with their email expect to get information and updates about your brand and products – this allows us to start building a trustful relationship to further engage them through well-thought-out copywriting that is followed by email automations to create much-needed touch points for the customer.

Many companies fail to launch a successful email campaign because there are numerous aspects to consider when creating and carrying it  through. We have successfully managed to raise the email marketing profit for our previous clients.

Relying only on social media platforms is a dangerous way to go because if they choose to change their rules or disappear alltogether — all your digital clientbase, along with the profit from digital marketing is gone. It’s known that most people go for decades with the same email address, which makes it the most reliable source for digital marketing.

We are here to help you grow by applying the most effective techniques necessary for bringing your marketing profit to the next level. Book a free call to see if we’re a great fit!

What do we exactly do?

– Lead generation
– Email automations
– Email newsletters
– Data analysis

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